Drug Treatment Center Help: New Life Recovery Resources How Do I Know If I Need Help From A Drug Treatment Center?

There is nothing wrong with spending time celebrating drinking alcohol responsibly or using prescription drugs under a doctor’s care. In fact, prescription drugs used properly are supportive in physical and mental health for some. If at some point you or someone you care about has crossed the line from responsible drug use or drinking to using and not being able to stop, help from a drug — center can be a viable option. Staying out too late, getting a DUI or allowing happy hour to cut into your work day doesn’t make you an alcoholic. What makes someone an alcoholic is the inability to control the amount they take once they start, along with a lack of power when it comes to wanting to not pick up a drink or a drug.

Using drugs or alcohol recreationally can lead to drug dependence. Binges, using drugs to cpe and blackouts can lead to building up a tolerance to drugs and alcohol. Overtime, the amount taken must be increased to produce the same effect. Someone who is dependent on addictive substances will spend more time finding and using drugs or alcohol. They will also find themselves unable to stop over and over again.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are treatable diseases. Most people who seek help from a drug — center experience recovery, or at least significant improvement. Drug — center help can not only treat addiction, but it can also improve the quality of life for the entire family system of the addict or alcoholic. Admitting that you have a problem and taking the first step is difficult. Nothing is more challenging than white knuckling addiction on your own. If you are struggling with where to start, reach out to a trustworthy family member or friend for help. Or call 877-811-0725 to speak confidentially with one of our New Life Recovery Resources addiction specialists who can lead you in the right direction.