About New Life Recovery Resources

New Life Recovery Resources was founded by recovering addicts for recovering addicts. After decades of crafting their own personal recoveries and advocating for others to do the same, cofounders Joe and Ricardo found themselves driven by a desire to take the next step in opening their own recovery resource program.

The next step was for Joe and Ricardo to put their dedication and passion into creating a safe place for men and women to begin a new life in recovery. From finding the most optimal recovery house locations to providing home-like amenities, Joe and Ricardo and the entire New Life Recovery Resources team make client care their top priority.

The New Life team possesses decades of successful recovery experience. We know what it takes to help others recover. We believe that by providing a family-like atmosphere recovering individuals are more inclined to begin creating a new life in recovery. Through peer-driven, or what we like to call family-driven support addicts can become the people they were destined to be.

Our addiction specialists pride themselves in not only helping addicts to treat symptoms, but in assisting them in looking deeper into the underlying causes and conditions behind lifelong patterns of self-destructive behaviors. Once a man or woman is free from the physical effects of drugs and alcohol, we believe that 12-step program participation combined with individual and group therapy is the keystone for a successful beginning to a new life free from drugs and alcohol. Our commitment to the entire recovery community is to provide the best recovery resource for all those who come in contact with the New Life family.

At New Life Recovery Resources we offer hope to men, women and their families suffering with the devastating consequences of addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help. Contact New Life Recovery Resources to begin a New Life today. 888-522-3303.

Our Team

Kenea’ Brittle

Kenea’ Brittle is a wife, mother and a college graduate with a bachelor degree in criminal justice. Throughout her many jobs, her most fulfilling is being a mom. Kenea’ has had a difficult childhood and has dealt with the disease of addiction indirectly. She has had the burden of being raised by addicts which eventually led her to raise herself. Kenea’ did not fall victim to her circumstance and fought long and hard to make a life for herself.

Ricardo Brittle

Ricardo Brittle is Baltimore bred where his humanitarian efforts began, through schools and state agencies, helping young adults and families break free from drug and alcohol abuse. He accepted a position as a behavior modification specialist and worked with several addiction and mental health professionals to further his knowledge about the disease. Ricardo has an extensive background working within the recovery community dating back to 1992 in many different capacities but his most gratifying work is being an active member of his 12 step community and the organizing of countless interventions.